So long Michigan and thanks for all the fish!

Here we are, back for episode 3!

First of all, we are sorry for not getting one out this past week.  We had an episode recorded and all ready to go up on Wednesday night, but then we got some exciting news that drastically changed the information within that episode.

And that news is…..
I was accepted to grad school! I will be attending grad school at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA for my Master of Divinity degree, and potentially my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy degree as well.

That’s the exciting part. The scary part is that school actually starts April 1st. So that means that we have almost exactly 3 weeks left here in Michigan to pack everything up, find a place to live, and look for new jobs before we have to move out to the Los Angeles area.  Vegas, my wife, and I will all be moving out there and living together.

Also… In this episode we discuss Vegas’ upcoming vacation to Hawaii.  At this point, I’ll hand it over to him and let him talk a little about the trip.

Wait wait wait…you actually expect me to write something!? Oh crap!

Alright well I can tell you that I’ll be visiting the island of Kauai in particular. My aunt has a house on the north part of the island that she’s wanted me to visit for quite some time now. We’ve worked it out so that I can finally visit for a week beginning March 8th. I’m so excited to get off of the mainland!

Some of my family from Texas will be visiting at the same time so it will be a celebration of sorts. Within this week I will be on many adventures, hiking through the forests, zip-lining through them, snorkeling, whale watching and lots of doing NOTHING!

I’ll be back just in time to see Erin & Steve off with all of my earthly posessions excluding a few essentials.


So, there you have it.  Life for us here at The List Life is about to drastically change. Rest assured we will continue blogging and recording throughout this process and keep you all informed as things progress.

Thank you so much for listening, and be sure to check back this Saturday for our first Picks episode.

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