The goal sounds simple… build functioning costume replica helmets of the French electronic duo “Daft Punk”.  There are currently five generations of helmets, but I want to build replicas of possibly the most famous and the most complex series, the Discovery Era helmets, first introduced in 2000 with the launch of Daft Punks album “Discovery”…

Personal Significance:

Long before I ever knew who Daft Punk was, I was already in love with their music.  However the only pictures I could find of the French based group were two robots with lighted helmets.  Of course this was one of the most awesome things ever as far as electronic music goes.  From then on I always entertained the idea of getting some helmets like theirs, especially when the group started going more mainstream and getting widely known.  When I finally did decide I was going to go ahead and acquire some Daft Punk Helmets, I found that the only (and I mean the ONLY) way to get a pair was to build them your self.

So, I’m handy enough… “this shouldn’t be to hard just a pair of shiny helmets and some blinking lights” I thought.  Long story short I couldn’t have been more wrong, if you do a quick search of the internet you will find there are multitudes of fan made daft helmets out there, sad to say a great majority of them don’t even come anywhere close to passing for real Daft Punk gear.  Including my first attempts at building one.

So I started doing more research, and found some very talented people to help, and hopefully I will end up with a lot more than just another fan made helmet, but a screen accurate costume replica of the groups headgear that I will be proud to wear out.

Time Frame:

To date I have been working on this for over two years now,  a majority of that time has been spent doing two things: Finding people who can make one of custom parts to my specifications and to the quality I need… And saving up the scratch to pay for said custom one off pieces made to exacting specifications and quality.

I hope to have the first helmet (Guy Man.) finished by spring of 2011, and if all goes well I hope to have the Thomas helmet finished by Halloween 2011.

See Also:

Daft Punk’s Wiki page:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daft_Punk

My Prop maker for my helmet casts: www.volpinprops.blogspot.com

featured photo credit: Caesar Sebastian via photopin cc

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