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Randy Pausch on Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

I’m fortunate to have quite a lengthy amount of time to surf the interwebs, as I like to call them, looking for whatever tickles my fancy. A lot of cat videos, video production, Revision3, and so on. Every once in a while I come across something I want to share with our followers but, often feel it would get a bit over loading. Because I find a lot of videos I could share. This video however, is something all together. I dare say you need to watch this video if you are working to complete your own bucket list, life list or whatever term you prefer to use.

Satisfy Your Inner Geek – Learn to Code!

Satisfy your inner geek by learning the basic of computer programming! Lifehacker has put together a series of instructional videos that are easy to learn from and a breeze to apply what you learn to other programming languages. It’s unlikely that many of you even have “Learn a programming language” on your List, but for those that do this is a great place to start!

Do Your Goals Have Purpose?

Goals without purpose. It may seem a funny thought, however there are plenty of goals that can wind up on our life lists simply because they seem cool. Truth be told, most of the items on my list that I’ve added like that, end up being removed within a few weeks because I soon realize…

Happy New Years!

It’s that time again and of course we have a few things to say about New Years and specifically, those new year resolutions everyone gets so excited about.

Great Gift Ideas for a Life Lister

Looking for a nice gift for someone but not quite sure what to get them? If they have a bucket list and you have a way to view it, check this post out by Annette of to find some fantastic ideas for just about anyone. Even if the things on this list do not apply (which would surprise me), it will help get you thinking in the right direction.