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Brian Brushwood

First of all, this is long overdue! Steve, our buddy Monty and myself actually met Brian Brushwood back in 2010 and we had made a post on my old blog about that. Somehow we never migrated the post over to The List Life! Since it does apply I’m coming the post here for your reading…

2012 & The 20- Somethings

Crap! Where has time gone? Well no time to waste because there are only a few days remaining before 2011 is over. A friend of mine started up a new blog and her latest post is spot on. We discussed this quite a bit and it just bears reviewing. Here is the deal, New Years Resolutions…

What’s Vegas Been Up To?

In the past few months a lot has been happening in my life. Some good, some not so good. I’d like to take the chance to bring you up to speed.