Martin Bennett

Earn CCW
Earn Associates Degree in Video Production
Buy my mom a house
Earn NLP Practitioners Certification
Get out of debt!
Earn Bachelors Degree
Get my motorcycle license
Podcast every week for a year

Backpack through Europe
Visit all 50 State Capitals
Thru-hike the Appalachian Trail
Visit all “826” Store locations
The Aurora Borealis
The Aurora Australis
Easter Island
Great Wall of China
The Taj Mahal
Vatican City
New Zealand
Hawaii – March 2013
7 New Wonders of the World
Yellowstone National Park (Revisit as an adult)
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Inside the White House
Loch Ness
Roswell, New Mexico – March 2013
Road trip around all 48 contiguous states in 1 trip
A Movie Studio – Paramount Studios – June 2013 (?)

Complete the 365 Photo Project
Write a feature length movie script
Rebuild a classic car
Sail around the world
Walk on a live volcano
Publish a book
Go Skydiving
Go Scuba Diving
Base Jump
Hang Glide
Wakeboarding (Learning as of 7/9/2011)
Bungee Jump
Quit Smoking
Get a tattoo
Win A Poker Tournament
Work at a Haunted House
Go Parasailing
Smith my own dagger
Book a book/speech seminar tour
Keep a bonfire going for 48 hours
Develop and perform a stage illusion
Build a UAV Drone
Ride the Mellenium Force
Get a Piercing
Ride a jet ski
Walk on hot coals
Switch to traditional wet shaving
Find an arrow head
Verify my Cherokee Heritage (get paperwork)
Complete AFI Top 100 Movies
Get a hot towel shave from a barber
See a film at the Chinese Mann’s Theater
Go Horseback Riding
Climb a mountain
Complete Steve Speirs’ pushup, situp, squat and pull-ups program
Complete “50 Questions that will free your mind”
Find a shark’s tooth

Play Guitar
Another Language (German, Japanese)
Wing Chun
Fire Poi
Pick a Lock
Sign Language
Fire Breathing
Lindy Hop
Play the piano
Play the violin
Play the cello
Throw a returning boomerang
Drive a stick shift (standard)
Shoot a bow & arrow

TCW = The Complete Works

TCW Mozart
TCW Bach
TCW Beethoven

Gabriel Iglesias
Derren Brown
Penn & Teller
Brian Brushwood
David Blaine
Tim Ferris
Cyril Takayama