About Us

Most everyone lives a life full of lists. Lists of things to do, groceries to buy, bills to pay, and so on.

Many people have dreams and goals that they want to accomplish before they die and sadly, few people know how to accomplish those goals.

Most of the time when we see people who are doing extraordinary things in their lives they seem to have an excess of time, money, or opportunity. This tends to instill a mindset in us of needing to wait till we have these three things in excess before we can start to live the lives and do the things that we truly want to do.

The List Life is about getting things done, meeting interesting people giving back, and doing all those things you’ve wanted to do without waiting for everything to fall into place.

All of us, and that includes you, have things that limit our time, money, and opportunities. We work at least 40 hours a week. Some of us have large amounts of debt from student loans, car payments, and other life events. But we all are committed to finding the time in our own lives to accomplish some of the things that we have always wanted to do.

Some things will be easy, some will be incredibly challenging. Some will take a few minutes, others may take years.

But we are The List Life, and we are committed to seeing this life through to the very end.

Steve Fekete

I write. I coach. I learn. I encourage.

My biggest passions in life are food, music, film, and culture.

With this, I have a deep passion for traveling and engaging with other cultures outside of my own.
I was fortunate enough in my childhood to be able to travel to many areas in the U.S. and even once or twice outside of the country. This has instilled in me a strong desire to see as much of this world as I can in one lifetime.

I was born and raised in the Great Lakes region of the US; hailing from both Chicago and Detroit. In undergrad I studied theater, psychology and communications. In 2013 my wife and I moved out to sunny Pasadena, CA to attend grad school at Fuller Theological Seminary.

If you would like to follow along with my LA adventures you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with little effort.

Martin Bennett

I was born in Houston, TX but have been residing in Michigan since 2000. I spent most of the time going to Washtenaw Community College and studying literally anything that interested me. This included but was not limited to, psychology, guitar, meditation, video editing, video production, script writing, computer troubleshooting and repair, networking and computer security. This in hindsight was a horrible idea but I don’t let it hold me back.

Like anyone else I do the daily grind working at the corporate office for one of the major book retailers. I’m sure you can figure that out if you care that much. If you do, thanks! I work 10 hour shifts, only 4 days a week so it does give me a slight edge for availability to do things. I get 2 weekdays off and 1 day on the weekend so I don’t run into a terrible amount of scheduling conflicts. That is to say that scheduling can be a problem when I want to go on a trip for more than 1 or 2 days depending on transportation and distance. I can generally find a way to make things work though.

At my current age I can’t help but having my eyes set on the future and somehow manage to live as in-the-moment as possible. Both are important to me so I plan on sharing that outlook with you through the blog.