A List Life Reboot

I will be the first in line to admit that we dropped the ball on this website for the last six months. The reasons look more like excuses. While I cannot speak for Dante and Vegas I can tell you that I find more and more that I need to fight an overwhelming sense of laziness in my life.

But, now it’s a new year, and that time in our culture when we decide to attempt to better the things that we attempted to better last year and the year before, but stopped working on after a week.

Here are some of the ways that I plan on making 2013 a whole new blogging experience for me.

1. Man Up and Write … a lot

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2. The 13 in 13 list

This is my New Years Resolution list.

You will hear much more about this either tomorrow or Thursday.

3. 31 Days to a Better Blog

This is a project created by Darren Rowse of Problogger.net. It is a task-a-day workbook that starts with the basics of why (creating an elevator pitch for your blog) and progresses through the different aspects of a regular blogging routine.Day one of this project will start tomorrow (Jan 2nd). You will see one post per day throughout the entire month of January. Hopefully by the end of it I will have a much better grasp both on not only the why of this blog, but the routine of how.

4. The List life Podcast

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A few years ago Vegas and I decided to try to get a podcast off the ground. Unfortunately at the time we had some significant technical difficulties that we were too broke to take care of. Now life looks much different, and due to some recent purchases I now have some much more legit equipment to be able to properly do some recording.

I am aiming to have this launched on February 1st.

5. Upload Without Second Guessing

I think this is something that all writers do, especially before their routine is built. Gladwel tells us that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at your field. So often we compare our 200 hours to someone else’s 10,000. I can easily fall into the trap of ‘this doesn’t read as well as theirs does’. This year I will film, write, record and then upload without second guessing the quality.

6. My super secret book project

I will say this. I am writing a book about an item that I am working on crossing off my list. What I have not decided yet is if I will continue to write my book in isolation or start to blog the writing and allow for feedback from the public as I write my first draft. At some point this year I will probably seek feedback on this issue. If you have thoughts on it, or would simply like to discuss the idea, email me at feketesteve@gmail.com

7. Give Back as much as possible

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