Quick Interview: Setbacks vs Accomplishments [Part 3]

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Today we bring you the final responses for this weeks question. We’ve received great feedback from bloggers and readers alike so if you haven’t read the other posts check out Part 1 and Part 2. We’d love to hear your responses as well!

[heading style=”1″]What goal have you had setbacks in accomplishing and how are you getting past them?[/heading]

A Face in the sea of 20-Somethings (Also the name of my blog), working your standard 9-5 job; I’m learning thru trial and error of how to enjoy every moment, laugh as much as possible and just be me… Ebony C.

Site: The 20- Somethings

In my family I was the first to go to college; it was a goal set by my parents and myself. Coming from a UAW family of 5 where “all in a days work” could have been on our family crest, we really didn’t understand the amount of dedication and hard work accomplishing this goal would entail. Faced with being far away from home on my own was a new concept for me.

It took me 5 years to complete my associates and bachelors degree(s)… time that was filled with many ups and downs. Between financial aid and housing issues ( being forced off campus for 2 years due to the lack of funds for tuition and housing) to dealing with death of important family members back home (Dad and Grandmother died… 2 people who were assisting me with cost and moral support) was more than I could handle. I had always been this organized and a well- balanced person who (or so I thought) could be placed in the lions den and find an escape route; not even realizing that my greatest challenges lie ahead of me.

I decided to cut a few classes during the school year so that I could work to pay off some of my debt. Picking up 2 jobs so that I could also maintain the bills in the apartment I was forced to move into. I decided taking summer classes which were less costly and shorter in terms of semesters was ideal. I searched for 5 months for an internship to fulfill my graduation requirements that would assist me in paying for the credits that I needed. I worked with my professors and was able to take time away from class to attend to family matters and submit my assignments thru email. At the time it seemed endless the amount of hoops I would have to jump thru to accomplish this goal yet in the end I was victorious.

I graduated May 17, 2008 from Northwood University; not only had I overcome the many hurdles, I kept my promise to my family. I felt a sense of pride and was now equipped with the understanding that with persistence, hard work and focus I can accomplish anything.

Dante’s Response

This was a really hard question for me to nail down… there were many directions I could have gone with this one.  So what is my biggest setback? in a word, inaction.   I tend to dream to big or I seem to get distracted from my goals and get stuck on tangents.  I find new things to become passionate about and slowly start accumulating all of these half done projects.  One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn to do is pace myself and make sure I don’t bite off more than I can chew.  A prime example of this for anyone who has been reading the blog for awhile is my helmet project,  this thing has been going for over three years now.  It’s almost to the point that I am ashamed to talk about it because people think I’m never going to finish.  However despite the setbacks in fabricating custom parts to build these things I’ve learned several new skills like making mold bucks out of foam!  Next I will be teaching myself to vacuum form with a home built machine!

Honestly after many heartfelt talks with my two co-writers the biggest thing I’ve had to overcome is myself. What always seemed to happen with me is I get infatuated with the idea of something rather than actually taking steps to do it. It’s easy to dream, to sit at home where it’s safe and comfortable reading books and gaining knowledge about all the things you would love to do one day. That’s what I used to do a lot of. I had to learn that sometimes the hardest step in doing anything is just getting started.  It’s one thing to tell everyone you would love to do something, to write it on a list and stare at it thinking to yourself “…one day…”   It’s only when I started taking steps to do something about it, that something started feeling different. When you’re actively working on something rather than passively dreaming about it is when you truly feel alive.  That’s the lesson I had to learn. I talked big, dreamed bigger and rarely, if ever, did anything about it. I have to admit, I still live in constant danger of getting stuck in routine, it’s so easy to do!  Wake up, work, home, TV, sleep… people find security in things that are familiar and reliable.  Every day I remember that there’s more to life than the familiar, and that’s what keeps me going.  There’s so much more out there that I want to be able to do, and many things I have yet to cross off my life’s list… I look forward to each and every one, and the continuing journey to get to them.

That does it for this weeks question but please share your experiences too! We’d love to hear from them, plus we may even feature you in an upcoming Quick Interview Question!

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