Quick Interview: Setbacks vs Accomplishments [Part 2]

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Earlier in the week we asked Annette of Bucket List Journey and our very own Steven Fekete: What goal have you had setbacks in accomplishing and how are you getting past them? Today we see responses from Steven of Hundred Goals and our own Vegas Bennett. If you missed the first part of the question click here to read it.

[heading style=”1″]What goal have you had setbacks in accomplishing and how are you getting past them?[/heading]

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Steven learned the hard way the importance of having passions and the positive effects they have on life. His writing brings real world stories and inspiration to the forefront and helps us understand why any event that happens in our lives can be looked at in a positive way for growth.

Site: Hundred Goals
Twitter: @hundredgoals
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“Most people consider the obstacles they face in accomplishing their goals to be a pain in the ass. I consider those obstacles to be what separates the strong from the weak. Whether it’s gathering the courage to jump out of an airplane or dealing with circumstances beyond your control, it’s your perseverance that will ultimately reward your will to succeed. I’ve faced countless setbacks while working to accomplish my goals. Here are two:

It took three trips to Florida to witness a Space Shuttle launch. After thousands of miles of driving and flying, and lots (and lots) of money “wasted,” I finally succeeded and was there to see the final launch of the Shuttle program. I was a part of history. After a Marilyn Manson concert, I stood in the freezing cold waiting for my chance to meet him. But his tour bus pulled away without him making an appearance. Then, years later, there was an announcement that he’d be at a book signing in Los Angeles…the next day. I booked my flight to LA, and flew out a few hours later to meet him.

We all know the clichés “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” and “Patience is a virtue.” They’re true. You’re going to face challenges. There are going to be moments when you doubt yourself and question if what you’re doing is really worth the effort. If you quit, life goes on. Although, you’ll probably be left wondering what could have been…if only you’d persevered. I try to live my life by the motto: You can’t fail if you don’t quit.

Don’t quit.”

Vegas’s Response

 Big thanks first of all to Steve Fekete for helping me with this answer. I felt like there was so much to say and I just did not know how to say it.

My life list is filled with a variety of goals involving survival, hiking, camping. Things that take quite a bit of time and in some cases a decent chunk of money. Hiking the Appalachian Trail, surviving the Alaskan wilderness are huge goals for me. I spent a huge portion of my younger years running through the woods back in Texas with friends. Building forts and crafting all sorts of what could be called “survival tools.” As I got older I’ve lost touch with many of these things. Skills seemed to atrophy as quickly as muscle mass.

Since at this moment, I have neither much time or money for things like hiking and going on long camping trips, I’ve been working to gain back the skills and knowledge. Now that Spring has arrived the lake by my apartment has begun showing signs of life. On nice days, I’ve been going down to the lake with my fishing gear and armed with a new tool. An outdoor journal that I’ve started.

As I walk around the lake, I’ve started taking pictures of plants for later identification. Writing it down in my journal and adding notes as to whether the plant is edible, medicinal or if it should be avoided all together. Throughout the winter I’ve watched countless hours of bushcraft skills hoping that soon I’ll be able to go practice them myself. Some of these skills are goals themselves on my life list: start a fire without lighter/match or optics to focus sunlight.

So although I may not be able to hike the Appalachian trail today, learning the skills and obtaining the knowledge that I will need for that kind of trip is my way of breaking down a goal so that when the day comes, I’ll be ready.

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