Brian Brushwood

First of all, this is long overdue! Steve, our buddy Monty and myself actually met Brian Brushwood back in 2010 and we had made a post on my old blog about that. Somehow we never migrated the post over to The List Life! Since it does apply I’m coming the post here for your reading enjoyment. Because it’s been so long, I think we’ll need to try to meet up with him again!

The Road Trip

Saturday April 24th 2010

steve vegas driving to see brushwoodMy friend Monty and I woke up early, excited about the day ahead of us. We did a few errands to prepare for the trip all excited about the trip. Steve arrived at my apartment and we hit the road honestly like a bunch of fanboys. Along the way we had a few good laughs and saw some interesting things. Most memorable was probably the pirate guy. He drove a red truck and had a parrot pacing back and forth in the cab. Tried to catch a video of it but that didn’t turn out.

Ohio State University – Columbus, OH

We arrived in Ohio much earlier than we really anticipated. It was a nice day but overcast a bit. We found free parking but I have to say, I was tempted to park backwards as there was a game starting and being from Michigan (Ann Arbor no less) granted many strange looks from the natives.

We scoped out the theater which the lecture was to take place and marveled at the high-tech gadgetry they had installed. The Union building we were in was apparently only a few weeks old. Very nice.

We waited around watching @OMG_Chad and crew prepare the stage for the lecture, when out of the control room comes the very spikey-haired man we were there to see.

The Shwood

Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood

Brian was very open to introducing himself and didn’t mind taking a moment to sit down and tell us a quick little story as he tried to get a snack in before the talk. I must say, he is a great story teller but that is to be expected if you are giving seminars all over the place many times per week.

Before meeting him in person we of course had our expectations that he seemed to be a very genuine person. Needless to say we were happy to see that his personality matched what can be seen on his most popular internet show Scam School. This is proven to be so even more later on.

Lecture and Performance

The lecture was awesome! Extremely excited that we seized this opportunity to see it because not only do we get to meet a great person, the information contained within the lecture was right up my alley! I’ve studied social engineering and psychology for years so to see someone who has taken it in a direction that I have seen (but not used) so many times.

Steve was even so kind as to volunteer me to go up on stage and help Brian with a trick. Interesting video on that one. Of course I was self-conscious about the idea but loved it all at the same time. So I didn’t really protest once Brian waved me up. So I’m actually crossing two things off my list.

Afterwords and Beyond

After the show we allowed for people to meet Brian and take pictures with him. I wanted him to sign a playing card but I didn’t want it to be the usual “someone hands him a playing card and says could you sign this?”

Performing my "trick" for Brian Brushwood

Instead, I had a devilish idea. I walked up to Brian once most people had left and handed him a deck of cards still in their case.  “You probably hear it all the time, but I very much doubt you have seen a trick like this before”, I said to him. I asked that he go through the deck and select whatever is favorite card is. I handed him a silver sharpie to sign the black card (Black Arcane deck from After some trouble with the silver marker we finally got a black one to him which he signed his name with and then, as instructed by me, placed the card back into the deck. The deck, being placed back into its container, was passed back to me. Immediately I put the deck in my pocket and shook his hand saying “Thank you, I just wanted to get your signature on that card.” Great reactions all around.

Many of the fans joined us at a lovely coffee shop called Travonna that was recently built there.  Amazing food and hospitality. Decent prices as well for what you get. Highly recommend the BBQ chicken sandwich. Brian performed some fire eating for the patrons and even watched as he gave Ashley (OSU coordinator) a lesson in fire eating. She managed it and I was then set to learn it. (Even more so than I was before I should add.)At the bar we were able to really get down to the nitty-gritty and talk to Brian about many things, too many to list here. I can tell you that it was a very motivational and inspirational night. I can’t wait to meet him again perhaps even talk to him here on The List Life!

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