My 10 Favorite RSS Feeds [Vegas]

RSS is a godsend, and even though some people seem to think it’s an out dated method of getting information, I absolutely love it. I will admit however that I can get so overwhelmed by the feeds that I’ll tend to favorite an article with the intention of going back to it, and never do. So I’m going to share with you my top 10 favorite blogs/websites that I follow.

So in no particular order I give you my top 10 favorite RSS feeds. (Or at least the ones I spend the most time reading actually reading.)

  1. LifehackerRSS
    These guys cover a vast number of topics and though they can get silly from time to time they do post helpful information. I also prefer viewing their articles in the RSS feed opposed to their website, which I find somehwat difficult to navigate. Content is king though right?
  2. The  Art of ManlinessRSS
    The name gives it away pretty easily I think but I love this blog so much. They have released 2 books, one of which I own, hoping to get the other. They essentially write topics on how to be manly, without being an arse. Some topics include Anatomy of a Dopp Kit, How to Make a Citizens Arrest, and The Importance of Roughousing.
  3. Revision3
    This is probably one of the biggest time suckers of all. Revision3 is an internet television network with shows like Scam School, Film Riot, and even Lifehacker now has a show on there. Sign up for an account and select the shows you’d like to follow. You will then customize the type of format you want to view the shows in and get a special RSS link personalized for you!
  4. Dumb Little ManRSS
    I don’t think I could say it any better than their own site: Each week we provide a handful of tips that will save you money, increase your productivity, or simply keep you sane.
  5. MAKE MagazineRSS
    I may never do DIY projects, but I seem to always have an interest in doing projects like the kind found here on MAKE. *cough*motivation problems*cough* There is never an end to the ideas you may find on their site though so definately check it out!
  6. The AwesomerRSS
    Have you ever tried to show a video to someone and they say “Oh I’ve already seen this like 2 weeks ago….” You know…those people? I’m one of them! A big part of that is because The Awesomer posts some of the most random stuff ever to be found on the world wide interwebs. Videos, pictures, gadgets and more!
  7. Not Always RightRSS
    If you have ever worked a customer facing job, you know that people can be really…special. Yea, let’s just go with that. Not Always Right has the most amazing and at times depressing stories of customers. Some will make you laugh till you fall out of your chair, others might make you angry. Check it out but  don’t loose track of time!
  8. ProBloggerRSS
    From one blogger to another, ProBlogger release a wealth of useful information that we try to use whenever we can.
  9. Save Our SkillsRSS
    I wouldn’t go so far as so say I’m a “prepper” but I do think it’s important to learn certain skills that may have been forgotten with new age fangdangled technologies. Their podcast introduces a lot of cool websites, ideas and services too!
  10. Young EntrepreneurRSS
    Despite the name, this blog as such good content if you are looking to start your own business or even freelance. If you ever wanted to work for yourself this site & feed is well worth the time!

What other blogs/websites do you follow?

featured photo credit: radioher via photopin cc


  1. What’s great about this is that you and I know each other so well, and I only follow/read 2 of these 10. Some of them I had never even heard of (such as Save Our Skills). I’m going to start following the others and see how I like them.

    1. Vegas says:

      This is so true! We’ve talked many times about sharing our favorite feeds and I think it’s just as good of a time as any. So can’t wait to see what you’ll share.

  2. Just spent an hour reading “Not Always Right” and loved every minute! Being a restaurant owner, there have been so many times I wanted to start a blog just like it 😉

    1. I’ve submitted a few stories from working at Staples and maybe 1 or 2 from working at a help desk. Sometimes the stories make me worry for human-kind! But I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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