Review – Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Defined Live Event

“Step 1) Find Stupid
Step 2) Identify It
Step 3) Try not to repeat it”

~Dave Ramsey

On October 14th,2011  I had the really cool experience of driving to the Steelcase Town Hall in Grand Rapids, MI and seeing Dave Ramsey speak live on his EntreLeadership book tour.

Most people who know me know that I am a very big fan of Dave Ramsey. At the beginning of 2011 (wow, that was a year ago!) Vegas and I went through Dave’s Financial Peace University (FPU) class at Northridge Church, and I successfully implemented his financial principles to get completely out of debt and start building a fair amount of savings. I avidly listen to Dave’s radio show via podcast [1.] as well as his EntreLeadership podcast [2.].

When I heard earlier in the year that Dave was coming out with a new book and would be speaking only a few hours away from me I jumped at the opportunity.

The three hour event had a crowd of about 1,000 people

Dave stated early on in his talk that the fundamental character qualities of an EntreLeader are:

  • Passionately serving
  • Mavericks who have integrity
  • Disciplined risk-takers
  • Courageous while humble
  • Motivated visionaries
  • Driven while loyal
  • Influential learners

Here are the highlights of my notes from the event:

  •  To be a true leader, you must have a servant mentality
  • Organizations aren’t limited by their opportunity or team, but by their leader
  • Take TIME when hiring and filling positions (a lot of it)
  • Passivity is not an option
The further I am getting from this event, this is the lesson that is sticking with me the most.  So much of what happens in our lives that we regret come from simply living passive lifestyles.  I am really trying to cut this off at the head in my own life.
  • Indecision is caused only by fear
That is, fear mostly of making the wrong decision.  We must get to a point where we make a decision and deal with the consequences.
  • Train your team to bring you several possible solutions, not just problems
Trust is a major component of this one.  Get to a point where you trust that what your team brings to you will be a sound decision.
  • Follow the golden rule
  • Don’t let your principles change, but frequently change your processes
“Error is just as important a condition of life’s progress as truth.” ~Carl Jung

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