2012 & The 20- Somethings

Crap! Where has time gone? Well no time to waste because there are only a few days remaining before 2011 is over. A friend of mine started up a new blog and her latest post is spot on. We discussed this quite a bit and it just bears reviewing. Here is the deal, New Years Resolutions are crap! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make goals for the new year, but instead do what we encourage on our blog. Don’t wait! We are not alone in this of course as this great post by Ebony Coates on her blog “The 20- Somethings” points out some of the major flaws we can all fall into this time of year. If you have a goal worth making New Years Resolutions for, don’t wait for 2012 (or any new year)! DO IT NOW!


I’m 26 and just got over my fear of failing… How can I fail if I don’t try? So this is from my eyes and the eyes of my readers…. I’m going by faith and learning thru trial. – AmazinglyE 

Now it’s time to show some love and check out her latest article HERE.

And of course a big Happy Holidays & New Year to our readers and visitors!

Happy New Years!


  1. Melody says:

    Great sharing of post…I really appreciate on it..Keep on posting..

  2. Lance says:

    Keep on sharing some post those who had a great info..Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Gail says:

    You have a great adventure, Is’n it.. Good luck to you these 2012.

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